The AIR488 solves any air pollution in your interior. Five individual filters ensure maximum reduction of the polluted cabin air. Aluminium alloy filters, cold catalyst filters, activated carbon filters, antibacterial cotton filters and HEPA filters are the key to a pollutant-free home. The use of reset reminder, sleep, anion, time, UV lamp sterilization and parental control functions is tracked via a simple and intuitive control panel or an extra remote control. The upward flowing air moves along the ceiling and wall and is attracted back by the air purifier, which creates such a strong airflow that even the most distant particles in the room are attracted and absorbed. The multiple filtering allows a fast air cleaning of the room air.  Another benefit is an intelligent sensor system, which automatically mists the air quality and differentiates depending on air pollution. It differentiates between red(bad), yellow(general), blue(good) and green(excellent) and displays a light signal.