Air Family 毛公仔空氣清新機


Air Family來自仙女座星系中的 Clean Air 行星。距地球25萬光年。Clean Air 行星中的所有居民都天賦有產生清潔空氣的能力。泰德(Ted)和布恩(Bun)是好朋友,他們自稱為 Air Family。他們在Clean Air 行星出生及長大。泰德(Ted)是一隻白色的泰迪熊,他一直微笑,在脖子上戴一條藍色圍巾。他喜歡為朋友帶來歡笑,並喜歡與孩子們玩耍。Bun是粉紅色的兔子,有一對長耳朵。她充滿正義感,喜歡照顧孩子和窮人。與其他兔子不同,她愛南瓜而不是胡蘿蔔。


Instant removal of PM2.5 particles up to 99% efficiency

HEPA Filter with H12 grade traps tiny particles with diameter larger than 2.5µm

With brand-new technique comparing to traditional air purifier, air is blowing through the HEPA filter which can achieve a higher filtration efficiency than the others.

With the special aerodynamic design, clean air is diffused to user in a soft, comfortable and unconscious way. 

A 10 minutes auto-off battery saving design which prolongs the time of playing.


Approximate size

250 x 250 x 400 mm

Product weight

TED : approx. 0.8 kg

BUN : approx. 0.8 kg

Sound level

<38,0 dB (A)

Battery type

AA x 3pcs (recommend using alkaline battery)

Suitable age

For children above 36 months


1. Why there is no function when pressing the on/off button ?

          a.  Check whether the batteries are installed.

          b.  Check whether the batteries are installed in correct polarity

          c.  Check the battery level or put in new battery


2. Why there is a tiny sound when the toy is turned on?

          It is normal since there is a fan blower inside the air purifier.


3. Why the air purifier stop function after turning on for a while?

          Designer wants the users to play with the toy continuously so added a 10 minutes turn off timer in the air purifier.

          It is also an environmental friendly consideration.