About Air 488

1. The appliance cannot be powered on or the buttons are disabled.

a.  Check whether the power plug is connected.

b.  Check the front cover of the appliance is installed in place.

c.  Check the water tank is installed properly.

2. Strange or foreign sound

Clean the anion generator.

3. Strange smell 

a. Clean the filter.

b. Replace the filter.

4. The purifier runs for a long time but the air quality is not significantly improved 

a. Make sure the packaging material on the filter has been removed.

b. Make sure the filters are installed in a correct sequence.

5. The water tank alarm light is on 

a. Check the water level of the water tank.

b. Check the water tank if is installed properly.



a. If PM2.5 display on controlpanel won’t tell you the true value, please follow above illustrative figureand clean air lens with cotton bud.

b. If PM 2.5 display on controlpanel is significant great than its true value, please pay attention to airinlet hole where PM 2.5 sensor is installed (refer to above figure), does alight beam intervene the PM2.5 sensor? If yes, please move and turn Air 488 toanother side.

7. Filter Instruction

       8. Humidification preparation

     9. Function descrition