O2U Limited is a high technology innovative company, which focuses on the air purification technology. Started in Stuttgart, Germany, O2U has science and technology resources strength and an excellent professional research and development team to innovate air purified products.


Customized Technologies

With our outstanding R&D team and unique patented technology, we offer solutions in creating innovative products by integrating diverse engineering discipline for our customers.  We have been dedicated to develop innovative products and services with the highest services and quality. 


AIRSPHERE™ Technology from Germany 

The Purebed supplies your baby reliable clean air quickly and wraps it in a protective Airsphere. The polluted air is displaced and replaced by purified air in seconds. Like a protective cover, the clean air surrounds your baby and stops the harmful influence of fine dust and tiny particles.  The Purebed is simply positioned under the cost. the two diffusers  supply the baby with lean and fresh air. 

Ideal for any room size

The Airsphere generated by Purebed works everywhere, regardless of the size of the room Even opening doors or windows has no effect on the protective cover and the clean air your baby breathes.

Air Purifiers are not enough

Why wait so long when your baby's health is at stakes? Where classic air purifiers take hours to reduce particulate pollution, Purebed builds the Airsphere in seconds, immediate enveloping your baby in purified air. 

Unique AIRSPHERE™ Tech. from German

After the clean air passes through Diffuser, a clean air protective ball is formed, which wraps the baby up, and the baby's breathing area is relatively isolated from the outside world, effectively preventingindoor cross-infection(such as the spread of bacteria).

Carbon Filter

External air is effectively separated from TVOC, formaldehyde, benzene, secondhand smoke, garbage odor and other substances through activated carbon filter.

HEPA Filter

After preliminary filtration from the Active Carbon Filter, the air is removed by HEPA filter: PM0.3 - PM2.5, dust mites, pollen, mold, pet dander, etc.


EBM Fan is imported from Germany.  Not only it has high performance quality, it is designed to be safe, efficient and silence.